the results of your attitude

The Result of Your Thoughts Is Your Attitude

Coming from a family of negative Nelly‘s, it was a challenge being positive. I’m not sure that I would say I was always positive, but nor do I think I was negative.

Once out of the family home, I was certainly still as afraid as I’d always been. I was a glass half full person though; as far back as I can remember.

I did have periods of ‘waiting for the other shoe to drop’ in the full expectancy that it was inevitable. This would certainly tell a different story of my attitude at those times.

Over the years I have faced many of those past fears and been delighted to be enlightened.

Fear is certainly not a positive emotion so unlikely to contribute anything to a positive attitude. Yet, I know that most of my adult life others saw me as enthusiastic, perseverance, hopeful, fun and many other positive qualities.

This being said, how on earth could one of you slot easily one way or the other, positive or negative?

The only answer that makes sense to me is choice. When I was in a positive frame of mind, I chose it, and when fear overtook me, I didn’t consciously make that choice.

Over time, as I felt each different fear; I picked it up, looked it in the eye, worked my way through it then tore it into little shreds and threw it to the wind.

There are a couple still hanging around and I’m sure that the process of illumination will continue as I grow.

Today in all this uncertainty, I don’t live in fear, but in peace, hope and love. This is an easy, effortless choice to make.

I understand the severity of the situation, so I am s self-isolating since an international trip, I’m cleaning my hands 50 times a day, social distancing to protect myself and my community, following all precautions as someone with asthma is suggested too.

I choose to focus on the results of moving forward with a positive attitude expecting a changing world with more positive and aligned outcomes.

Yes, I know there will be much less for many, and I cannot stop nor control that. I can wisely focus on what loving caring things I can do to help others once I take care of myself.

Remember to put your own mask on first before you help others. Being well allows me to be at peace, care for my home and family, call folks, video chat with my sons and friends, create blogs, videos and programs that help others and so on.

I’m blessed to have had others show me that every action, thought, and feelings are choices.

From uncertain times can come a new way of being and knowing everything will work out.

This time can be a gift. Look down at your toes and know they’re still at the end of your feet, and your nose is still in the middle of your face. This is now and you are ok.

Bring your thoughts to this moment, the only one you know you have, you are ok, you are loved, you are blessed.

You can choose to be in this moment and think a positive thought and follow it with another positive thought until your thread enough of them together to shift to a positive attitude.

Believing is enough positive thoughts to create a positive attitude.

With love in Service,

Author: Tammy Rowland