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Mental Mastery – Move from Stressed Out to Bold Action

1.  Self-Awareness

 From -Stressful thought patterns – running your Personal Operating System- you’ve got a bug in your Operating System!

To – Sage Inner Wisdom that feels right in every cell of your body. A new Operating System installed and working to obliterate the past bugs.

2.  Control of your thoughts

From -Easily triggered by others/situations and your head is so full of data it can be difficult to make clear-minded decisions.

To – Make clear-minded, focused decisions, you follow your gut.

3.  Peak Performance

 From – Stressed and Obsessed by most things that have you spinning your wheels not knowing where to act.

To – Confident Positive Action.

Which of these 3 is more pressing than the others?


Communication Mastery – Move from Working in Silos to a Winning Team

4. Trust

From – Disconnected from others at both work and home life. How can you trust others to do the necessary if you don’t stay on top of everyone?

To – Empathy and appreciation of others unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

5.  Strong Relationships

 From – Feeling so overwhelmed that others see you as self-centered or selfish (I-Centric).  Relationships are difficult and challenging more than you’d like.

To – Considering others and their unique contributions (We-Centric).  Create conversations where TRUST is at the heart of understanding.

6.  Collaboration

 From – The uncertainty of these trying times has turned our teams into a group of individuals, including me at times.

To – Having the easy results, working with others, enjoy the creative process working together as a team.


Which of these 3 is more pressing than the others?

Which of these 3 is more pressing than the others?

Energy Mastery – From Burnt Out to World Domination! Or Living in Flow

7.  Values Alignment

From – Getting things done and checked off the never-ending list of to-dos (transactional). How can you possibly GROW doing all this minutia?

To – Making a REAL difference in the lives of each person in the organization as well as their families & communities. (transformational)

8.  Priority Alignment

From – Exhausted, never getting it all done in the required time is stressful. What I wouldn’t give for more time!

To – Abundant energy to do all the things you want & love in life!

9.  Living in FLOW!                        

From – Work has kept you from important and special events. Something has got to give.

To – Living a fulfilled life, mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, and spiritually. JOY is the goal each day!

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