Let’s Do A Reboot!

If this were December 31st again, what would be your intention?
I think peace on earth is always a great place to start, but maybe a Vaccine?
Let’s also add healthcare to the world over.
Enough funds for food and a roof over each living soul.
Enough joy to balance out the sorrows in life for all.
To allow all to live how they choose without judgment or control.
To give value to each other while maintaining a sense of personal value.
Is that all? Is it enough?
Did you wish for more balance in your life?
How about more time with your family?
Time to rethink if this was the right job for you and how would you get the time to sort it out?
Well, you may have got exactly what you asked for!
I guess the question may be,
What am I willing to do with this extra time?
Be of service wherever possible.
Give financially where able not just willing.
Share a smile with a stranger while social distancing? How about a homeless person or that neighbor you may have judged harshly?
You could even do more if you want to really make a difference in the world.
What are you “choosing” to do today and in this “New” year?
May Peace, Health, Prosperity, and Happiness be within you to share today and always.

Love, Tammy

Author: Tammy Rowland
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TimeToLearnAboutYOU

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