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Create Systems

Do you lose bits of paper with important notes, phone numbers and other information? Does it take forever to get in and/or out of your office?

18739Be Productive

Are you tired of spinning your tires not getting where you want to go or getting there too slowly? Do you work when YOU want?

18741Loyal Clients

Have you found it hard to connect with potential clients? Do you feel uncomfortable talking about how much you charge?

Do Any of these thoughts sound REALLY familiar?
I work TOO HARD and TOO MUCH for the amount of money I make!I am spinning my wheels not knowing WHERE TO FOCUS my time and energy!My inner GPS needs some DIRECTION.I don’t get many new clients, and I don’t really know how.My business isn't fun anymore, something needs to change!
I work TOO HARD and TOO MUCH for the amount of money I make!
If you think your loved ones are living life without you, you just may be right. If missing family meals or time with friends is make you feel lonely, frustrated and resentful, it’s likely time for a change. If working long hours takes you away from where you want to be, then it may be time to look at how you are spending that time.

I am spinning my wheels not knowing WHERE TO FOCUS my time and energy!
Is it possible you are wasting time on less important non-money making activities versus being more effective? Do you have piles of paper sitting and waiting for you to sort through? Is taking FOREVER to get your fingers on that important document, causing you anxiety? De-Cluttering, Structures and Systems may be the place to start.

My inner GPS needs some DIRECTION.
Could you use some structured systems and strategies to move more efficiently? When you walk into your office (eventually) do you know exactly what you are going to start doing? Does your to-do list look either like a blank slate because you are not sure what to put on it or so long you are overwhelmed before you start? There are terrific ways to work efficiently and effectively so that you can get to work quickly and get tons done in a shorter period of time.
I don’t get many new clients, and I don’t really know how.
Do you feel like Potential Clients seem always just potential? Do you find meeting tons of people at Networking events really challenging? Do you have a process to connect with your IDEAL Client? There are simple ways to process Prospective Clients so they don’t get lost in the shuffle. Time to have a streamlined system to always know where you stand with folks so that they are clearly either ON or OFF your list.
My business isn't fun anymore, something needs to change!
You started your business with the idea that you were going to be self employed and free, but FREEDOM has been elusive lately. More like a ankle bracelet chaining you to your office. Time to rejuvenate your inspiration and enthusiasm with some support. Deep down, you know you need some help. I work with solo-preneurs, entrepreneurs and small business owners to strategize the best and most effective way to run their business so that they can enjoy the rest of their life.

They actually have a life once they shift their focus and do the right things at the right time. This shift now has them earning a greater income because they can now work on income earning activities, knowing they have all their bases covered. Feel free to fill in the “Contact me” box and I would be happy to give you a FREE “Work Smart – Earn More™ Breakthrough Session.”

Life is too short not to have fun doing the things you LOVE!

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Working smart is the natural pre-cursor to earning a greater income. NOW is the time to step into what you could experience by the simple decision to just Start!

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