about us

Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Tammy, nice to meet you!

Tammy Rowland

35 years as an entrepreneur has helped me support my clients in; sales, leadership, training and coaching. I continue to invest in people I believe in, sometimes before they believe in themselves. My strength of mentoring, team building, motivation, consulting and training have supported entrepreneurs and senior management through personal and professional development.

Businesses hire me to increase profits by improving their company’s productivity through trust and collaboration. With proven methodologies we upgrade communication within the organization so people are clear about what is expected, but also learn to co-create. When understanding over-rides telling, you have people who want to do better as a team, department or company.

This is Conversational Intelligence® at it’s best. Employees are more engaged, productivity multiplies as much as 400% (not in all cases) and sales increase because recovery from the NO is quicker. Entrepreneurs hire me to help remove the blocks that are keeping them smaller than their dreams. You will “Work Smart Earn More™” by mastering your thinking, communicating with clarity and use systems to simplify your work. I build confident leaders by shifting their past habitual thoughts and behaviour’s to mastering their mental fitness using Positive Intelligence®. I partner with you for your business success.