Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching Privacy Policy

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching is committed to protecting the privacy of its customers and users. This Privacy Policy outlines how Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching collects, uses, and protects personal information when visitors visit the website.

When visitors access the website, they are asked to provide certain information to enable Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching to provide services. This information may include name, address, contact details, date of birth, and other personal data that visitors voluntarily submit via the website or through other means.

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching collects this information solely to provide services; it will not be used for any other purpose and all collected information is stored securely in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching also takes reasonable steps to protect the confidentiality of visitors’ personal information.

Visitors can refuse or withdraw their consent to provide any personal data at any time. However, if they choose this option, they may not be able to use certain services provided by Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching.

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching will never sell or share visitors’ personal information with third parties without the visitors’ consent. The only exceptions to this are when we are required by law or have a legal obligation to do so.

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time and will notify visitors of any changes made through our website. By using Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching’s services, you agree that you have read, understood, and accepted the terms of this Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please get in touch with us at tammy@tammyrowlandcoaching.com

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching Cookies Policy

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching is committed to protecting the privacy of our website visitors and subscribers. As part of this commitment, we use cookies to provide you with a better online experience.

A cookie is a small file that is stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website. This file contains information about your visit and helps us improve the user experience (e.g. remembering language preferences, and keeping track of user activity).

Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching use both session and persistent cookies on our website. Session cookies are deleted once you close your browser, while persistent cookies remain on your device after your session has ended. We also use third-party cookies from services such as Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel that help us understand how people interact with our website and how we can improve it accordingly.

Most web browsers allow users to control whether they accept or reject cookies from websites. If you choose to reject cookies from Tammy Rowland Executive Coaching, some features may not be available or certain functionality may be limited or unavailable. Additionally, please note that by disabling any cookie, you assume responsibility for all consequences related to your decision; including but not limited to website errors, inaccessible content, broken links, etc.

For any questions regarding our Cookie Policy please contact us at Tammy@tammyrowlandcoaching.com