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Introducing Mindset Mastery by Tammy Roland Coaching

Unlock Your Full Potential with Mindset Mastery Training

The journey to lasting positive change often stalls at the insight stage, failing to evolve into habitual action. True transformation—towards a more resilient, positive mindset—necessitates the formation of new habits through daily, deliberate practice. This is the cornerstone of our Mindset Mastery Program, inspired by the foundational principles of Positive Intelligence. Our program is designed to empower you to lay down new neural pathways, fostering habits that support a robust mental framework.

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Commit just 15 minutes a day to our app-guided exercises, and start building the mental muscles essential for resilience. Our bite-sized activities are designed to fit into your hectic schedule, tailored to address your unique patterns of self-sabotage.

Each week, immerse yourself in a one-hour video session that offers a deep, experiential exploration of that week’s focus. These sessions are crafted to inspire and energize, propelling you to maintain your practice and reap lasting benefits.

Track Your Progress: See the Change

Stay motivated with immediate feedback on your journey towards strengthening the three core muscles of mental fitness. Witness the transformation through brain rewiring, potentially observable in MRI scans as early as eight weeks into the program.

Foster Community: Build Together

Join forces with fellow participants to form a support and accountability network. Research underscores the importance of community in embedding new, positive mental habits.

Foster Community: Build Together

Join forces with fellow participants to form a support and accountability network. Research underscores the importance of community in embedding new, positive mental habits.

Week 1

Self-Command Muscle - Harness the power of PQ Reps to strengthen your ability to command your own mind, quieting the negative and amplifying the positive.

Week 2-3

Saboteur Interceptor Muscle - Learn to intercept and neutralize your Saboteurs the moment they attempt to undermine you.

Week 4-6

Sage Muscle - Embrace the Sage Perspective, transforming every challenge into a gift and opportunity.

Beyond the Basics: Lifelong Learning

Mindset Mastery is more than a program; it's an operating system for your mind, offering endless applications for personal and professional growth. After laying the foundation, continue to expand your mental fitness with modules tailored to various aspects of life and work

Applications for Personal Growth:

  • Stress Management: Understand and mitigate stress by shifting from Saboteur to Sage responses.
  • Wellness: Leverage the neuroscience of the mind-body connection to enhance your well-being.
  • Relationships: Cultivate healthy relationships through understanding and application of positive interaction ratios.
  • Parenting: Navigate parenting challenges with strategies that bolster mental fitness in both you and your children.
  • Career Planning: Align your career path with your inner Sage for maximum fulfillment and achievement.

Professional Development:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Strengthen your EQ by weakening Saboteurs and enhancing Self-Command and Sage Powers.
  • Conflict Management: Transform conflicts into win/win solutions by applying Sage Powers.
  • Creativity: Overcome creativity blocks by sidelining Saboteurs and engaging your Sage.
  • Leadership: Adopt a leadership model that nurtures the best qualities in yourself and others.
  • Performance: Develop a personalized plan for peak productivity, leveraging your mental fitness.

Team Applications:

Empower teams to achieve peak performance and well-being through modules that foster positive self-direction, productivity, and wellness.

What Sets Mindset Mastery Apart:

  • Habit Formation: We focus on creating lasting change by establishing new neural pathways.
  • Root Cause Approach: Our program addresses the foundational enablers and disablers of optimal performance and well-being.
  • Comprehensive Mental Fitness: Unlike programs that only focus on one aspect of mental fitness, we develop all three core muscles.
  • One System, Many Applications: Discover the core operating system of the mind, capable of running a vast array of life and work applications.
  • Ongoing Growth: Mental fitness, like physical fitness, requires continuous effort. Our program supports lifelong learning and growth.
  • Research-Based Results: Our methods are backed by extensive research and have been field-tested with thousands of participants.

Is Mindset Mastery Right for You?

If you’re committed to dramatically improving your performance and effectiveness while reducing stress, seeking a science-based and trusted system for lasting change, and willing to invest the effort to rewire years of unhelpful mental habits, Mindset Mastery is for you.

The program fee of $995 includes six weeks of app-guided practice, access to the Mindset Mastery online community, an audiobook version of “Positive Intelligence” by Shirzad Chamine (upon which our program is based), and unlimited access to the app for a full year. Payment plans and group discounts are available.

Embark on your journey to mental fitness with Mindset Mastery. Enroll today and unlock the full potential of your mind for a happier, more successful life.