Is It possible Io live At Peace With Ourselves And Others?

Not without the help and support of a program, the Universe and others.

To quiet the gerbils spinning the wheel in my mind, meant learning how to stop fighting against all that ruled my life, especially fear.

There also was guilt, anger, loneliness and resentment that kept me right and everyone else was wrong. I was exhausted by the constant internal and external wars that were never one.

With help from like-minded folks in my community, there was the possibility of the reality of peace. Peace was hard-won but worth it as with my first gift of the program.

The path to peace was excepting myself as I am at this moment. Next were the people, places and things I had no control over and couldn’t change anyway.

The process freed me from my inner self-inflicted critic, judge and jury. When we stop judging ourselves so harshly, it is so much easier to accept others, as well.

Excepting the things I could not change had been quite the challenge. Life continues to change, so there is always new people and situations to accept.

Gratefully I have my Higher Power to provide me with the faith and energy, trustworthy people for support and a program to follow for the path.

Acceptance allows the God of my understanding to do what I cannot do for myself.

I am grateful that the gift of acceptance is peace.

Author: Tammy Rowland