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Decision Making Strategy

You have tons of decisions that you are making or avoiding daily. There also may be some you are just letting happen by default because you decide to not make them yourself. In all the cases the decisions you make impact your next decision or choice. There sometimes seems to be a building momentum behind them as well. If you decide you want more clients then you have to decide who they are going to be. Then you need to decide how ... Read more

Are you good enough?

I just want to start by saying (with not much humility) I just completed several exams where my abilities were assessed by Master Certified Coaches as “good enough” to receive my PCC or Professional Certified Coach for the ICF otherwise know as the International Coach Federation, the first and largest Association of Coaches worldwide! This is a HUGE achievement for any coach and most don’t do it because it is scary!  There are 3 levels of certification, ACC Associate Certified Coach (150+ hrs client coaching), PCC ... Read more

Less is More – But More is Good Too!

Decisions, decisions! As a business owner I am sure you may feel that you are always making choices of some kind or another. Some are easy seeming there was no decision whatsoever and others are more difficult. You weigh the pros and cons of each decision, then trust your intuition with the final choice. The good news is that you can always make another choice in the future! The decision I have made affects all of you, my faithful followers. I have ... Read more

Have You Parked?

The Unknown Quote, "The Road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places" has definitely shown up in my reality. I have been lured to park on many occasions. Sometimes I parked for just enough time to reenergize and other times it was a time for reflection. Only you know if this sounds like something you have experienced in your life. Maybe you have seen it differently. It may have looked like procrastination or even busy-work, but you may have been parked, nonetheless.  The temptation of ... Read more

Efficiency Can Be Learned If You Are Ready

Have you ever looked at how you move through your day? Skipping from job to job, not quite completing any of them? This was my usual process years ago. I found myself wasting days away to the point that I could not list a completed task at day or even weeks end at times. I also used to write l-o-n-g to-do lists thinking that would help me get things done. All I learned to do was write lists! I felt better that I acknowledged what ... Read more

Symptoms, Strategies and Stress-Free Work

You may think, “I am doing just fine, thank you very much!” Let’s start with some signs that you may have either not noticed or ignored. My experience is when issues are ignored they won’t go away, they just worsen. Physical - headaches, pain and stiffness in the neck and upper back, upset stomach, lousy self-care Psychological - procrastination, impatience, defensiveness, inadequate boundaries Spiritual - your peace of mind has gone to pieces, lacking direction or purpose, scattered thoughts Some possible triggers can be deadlines, change, fear of ... Read more

It May Be Time to Change for Your Well BEING

I have had times where I had several projects on my plate all demanding my attention. They weren’t really demanding my attention, I was expecting super human effort in a limited amount of time. Maybe my goal just didn’t match my calendar. I needed to sort out my priorities and make smart choices and soon realized how to structure my time. I can always tell I am overwhelmed when during work hours I am cooking, baking, doing laundry or cleaning. I have ... Read more

Drink Coffee – Do stupid things faster with more energy!

I was looking through some images thinking about what to write about the uncluttered mind. This really struck my funny-bone. Drinking coffee is what some do when they are looking for energy, inspiration or just procrastinating. The busy head will do anything to stop thinking and take a “mental” break by going to have a cup of coffee, or tea in my case. Coffee is a real stimulant so if you have not been inspired you may just have added to your ... Read more

Is “STUFF” keeping you out of your office?

I have worked hard to eliminate excess “stuff” from my space. I recently found some old 3x5 index cards from years ago where some had self-talk statements about organization. This will tell you that I was not always the DE-Clutter Queen that some of my clients call me and it can be learned! I picked up a book called “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter many years ago when I was in direct sales. I wanted to ... Read more

When can I get my work done and where do I start?

Here are a few thoughts to help you with your business, “Priorities and Productivity” from my Work Smart Earn More™ (WSEM™) Program. Did you know “NO” is a complete sentence? Really! You do not need to defend your decision why you are saying no to anyone. Making the decision is important and as it is impossible to say yes to everything, it is necessary to say no a great deal of the time. No to one thing means yes to yourself! The beginning ... Read more
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