What’s holding you back from achieving success?

Why not become proactive in your commitment to transform, adapt and move your business forward?

The answer to “What’s holding you back?” is typically yourself. We usually have a list of excuses why we aren’t moving forward very fast or at all for that matter, but most often we just haven’t learned how or acquired the tools and skills to do so.

Becoming “proactive” is about actively learning something new. It’s also not just a lack of time, but time spent in the most productive way. If where you want to be is important enough to figure it all out, then learning to Work Smart will make the journey more efficient and productive.

In this Webinar, “Breaking down Barriers to Women’s Success”, I will cover 10 Effective “Work Smart Earn More™” Tips. When you make the suggested adjustments, you will take your business to a new level. Just using one tip will change the pace you get things accomplished, which will change your income. Are you ready to Earn More?

Are you doing okay but you are just not where you thought you would be by now? Are you struggling to make enough to keep your doors open and may have to go out and get a J-O-B? Are you in a better position than that but making ends meet is incredibly stressful. It doesn’t matter whether any of these or none of these describes you, there is room for improvement for us all. Even billion dollar corporations want to do better!

Have you been afraid to say what you really want from your business? Maybe you don’t feel like you can do it or the ones you love the most aren’t exactly your best cheerleaders. Maybe you are avoiding the question altogether, afraid to say what you REALLY want out loud. If you don’t say it you won’t fail or even have to do anything that stretches you in any way.

Does any of this sound familiar to you? You have likely experienced periods of time where you seemed to be on a roll Working Smart, at some time or other. Then old habits reappear, and soon you are busily doing unproductive activities.  I know that you are probably glad to hear you are not alone in this. Most of my clients have felt exactly the same way and have been thrilled to know that it takes very little to create a large impact on their productivity. I bet you are happy to hear that!

Working Smart is the natural precursor to making more money. This is a great opportunity to start the second quarter of 2015 with new tools that will make a real difference right away! NOW is the time to step into what is possible for you, all you need to decide today is to show up. We all need support and a great start is attending this CEDEC Webinar. Take notes then apply the WSEM™ Tip’sone at a time. There are no “have to’s” here, just “WHY NOT?”

The Tips are from The Tools of my 5 Step “Work Smart Earn More™” Program. They will equip you with actionable steps and procedures to help break down the barriers to your success. You will have a plan for action every day!

The “Work Smart Earn More™” Program has 5 Modules that help you to create a more successful business by:

–  Prioritizing Your Productivity;

–  Clearing the Clutter;

–  Systemizing Your Stuff;

–  Processing Your Prospects;

–  Creating Your Vision and Goal-Setting.

If this sounds just like what you need so that 2015 is Your Best Year Yet, you are in the right place at the right time!

Register today for the CEDEC Webinar at “Breaking down Barriers to Women’s Success” and join me, Tammy Rowland, on Tuesday March 31, 2015 from 12-1 p.m. (EDT)

You owe it to yourself to spend one hour to learn some WSEM™ Tips that you can apply right away! BE ready to make a difference in your business by starting a plan for Your Best Year Ever!

And while you’re at it, be sure to check out, Suzannah Baum. She is the best when it comes to Public Speaking Training! Her program can truly make the difference between struggling through a presentation and nailing it.

Suzannah has a FREE Video Series with some fantastic techniques on how to take your speaking up a notch or six! Register to view them HERE!

As always, I look forward to getting to know YOU and supporting your DREAMS!



Your Efficiency and Productivity Coach

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