December is a time to Reflect, Learn and Plan

December can be a diverse month depending on the business you are in. Some businesses say they do amazingly while others complain of poor profits and sales. I don’t know what your normal is, but there are things that you can do to change your 2015 year starting right now! It is best to see where you have been so you can plan where you want to go.

First, we start with Reflect and Learn. Think about your year right from January 1, 2014. Here are a couple of questions to reflect on.

– What worked and what…didn’t? List them.

– What did you learn from each of both the good and the not so good? List them.

Take enough time to think, write or journal on each of them so you are clear about where you were from a known starting point for 2015.

– Are you ready to let both go, the good as well as the not so good?

Basking in your successes too long without moving forward can be as bad for you as wallowing in the could-haves, should-haves, mistakes, challenges and difficulties. Take a deep breath and blow them ALL far away from you. Be happy for all of your experiences and look forward to new ones.

Now it’s time to plan! Think about how you want December 2015 to look and feel like. Looking back what was different in the past year? If you want help with the process, please schedule your“WSEM™ Business Growth Strategy Session” at $147 in December, it’s money well spent on your business!

If you are ready for support to bring it all together in a group then check out the “WORK SMART EARN MORE™ in 2015” Workshop Series here in Montreal and watch for a Virtual Series soon for my friends at a distance!

To Your 2015 Business Success!



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