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From Chaos to Freedom!

This is definitely for you if even one of those statements describes you!

  • You wake up tired dreading the day knowing how much you need to do
  • Running from the moment your eyes open until you fall into bed
  • You feel like you dropped the ball in one or more areas of your life
  • Difficulty unwinding; the gerbils continually remind you of all there is to do
Chaos to FREEDOM

Relief is on the way! Finally get control of your exploding calendar!

This is your opportunity to take time to figure it all out!

I use this process with private clients;

“I’ve learned how to be more realistic about the work I can take on, and more importantly learned to manage my high expectations…” Holistic Health Business Owner

“…I am so relieved to know it’s okay not to try and do more than superwoman could ever get to! Life feels so much better after I got real with what is important.” Life Coach

”Tammy, this workshop blew my mind. The exercises and your guidance allowed me to see what I can realistically expect to accomplish in my work-week and in my family life. I am now able to easily discern what needs to be done and what can wait. That alone has increased my productivity and I saw the results in my life immediately. My family and bank account thank you. Self-Employed 

“A Freaking Magic Trick! Self- Employed Client

You will;

  • Learn what’s important to you
  • Make decisions easier
  • Eliminate the weight of obligations
  • Say No and mean it, while saying YES to yourself
  • Take better care of yourself so you have the energy for the things you want
  • You will laugh at what you’ve been doing to yourself and embrace the new empowered YOU!

I look forward to supporting you!

As Always, Tam

Strategic Planning Workshop for business owners from the Tammy Rowland Coaching WSEM™ Leadership Academy Series.

Are you having difficulty agreeing on what strategy to follow or how to get it done? Do you have a strategy but it is not getting implemented? Are you ready to plan 2016 in a methodical and strategic way? Ready to save a fortune on consulting fees for an invasive strategic planning session? Want more information and to apply?

Strategic Planning for Business

Set Your Dreams in Motion

Tired of spinning your wheels?

Confused about where to start and the best use of your time?

Frustrated with no followup system so potential clients fall through the cracks?

Now’s the time to kickstart your business with the support of someone who believes in you!

Apply to attend our five month Work Smart Earn More™ Group Program! This Program will help you create an efficient and effective business. Here are some of your benefits;

~ Clarify your life and business vision then set goals to achieve them

~ Clearing the excess clutter from your finances, office and life

~ Create systems to make working faster, easier and more enjoyable

~ Prioritize your activities to become a master producer

~ Build incredible systems to build a strong customer base

~ Stay focused on the dream without distraction

Each of the 5 months you will receive a recording, worksheet and transcript.

Intrigued? Contact us!