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Darlene Demkey
Independant Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay Cosmetics
I am so grateful for Tammy’s help in creating systems for my business. It has made my work simple, so I get more things done is less time which leaves so much more time for the fun things I love to do like golf! Thanks again!
Working my business is a whole lot easier since I started working with Tammy. I used to write my notes in the free spaces of my agenda and couldn’t find anything, but Tammy helped me easily be able to put my hands on things and speeds up everything I do. I have streamlined my business from client booking to customer service so that I know exactly when I will be making my calls and spending a lot less time doing it. Even my email is more systematized so I go through it quickly. The organization that Tammy has helped me with has trickled outside my business to my home, volunteer work and even my large family events.

I work through my day purposefully and find that procrastination has been virtually eliminated from my business. Organizing has made my life easier! Now when I say I am going to do something, I just do it! There is a real flow to my whole life that I am so grateful for! Even exercise has started to be something I ‘don’t feel I HAVE to do’ as there are so many benefits that I am happy to fit it into my life!

Darlene Demkey
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 I was very impressed when working with Tammy. She is sharp and insightful; she quickly perceives and understands a person’s roadblocks to help them move forward, take action, and truly live life. I certainly agree that Tammy was born to be a coach.
Michelle Hartman
Life Coach at To Know Joy, Inc.
 In a very critical business situation, it was Tammy’s wisdom which help me gain perspective and confidence to face the challenge ahead. The words were “ Trust the Process” and suddenly the fear and uncertainty about the final result had disappeared. Some times like carbon, we have to be submitted to high pressures and heat to become a diamond. It’s at that point, the entrance, when a good coach can make a world of difference. I was blessed to have Tammy by my side.
Guillermo Gulli
Head Coach, The 300 Rugby Academy
 I opened my business almost three years ago and felt completely overwhelmed. It only took a couple of sessions with Tammy and her very gifted motivational skills to guide my thinking into clarity which freed my energy up to get things accomplished. I really believe in Tammy because she really believed in me and I could feel that. Thank you Tammy.
Debbie Wood
Owner of Spawsy's Dog Grooming Salon
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It is absolutely amazing to me that I have become excited about systems! Thanks to Tammy’s help to become free to just ‘BE’ the person I’m designed to ‘BE’. I’ve discovered and actually appreciate that having systems in place allows me to operate freely. Previously I thought systems were restrictive and binding and now I see how they are freeing, because I use much less time and energy thinking about and doing routine things. They also provide a framework to work within, that helps me maintain focus and measure progress easily as I go. Thank you Tammy for your assistance in welcoming the use of systems and in developing specific systems for my needs.
Cathie Chapman, Sr. Sales Director, Mary Kay Canada