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What if we are all right?

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] The Universe is one HUGE truth and we have our truth in it! What if we accepted each person as never being wrong? What if they are right but still choose wrong? What if we did not work so hard to convince others to OUR way of thinking? What if we agree to disagree? What if we loved one another no matter what race we are, what God we believe in, what political affiliation we are connected to, what job we have or even ... Read more

12 things you can give your beloved

Acceptance is the key to harmony. Let it go …you really can’t control your beloved, only your own behaviours. Not to be confused with giving up or giving in. Let go, and let love be the answer. Trust your beloved – they are in this relationship, too. We all get up wanting to do our best, sometimes we just miss our own mark and end up…just doing our best. Talk ‘with’ not ‘at’ your beloved –let yourself be vulnerable. Get to really know each ... Read more

Acceptance|…flaws| and all!

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] I accept myself completely. I accept my strengths and my weaknesses, my gifts and my shortcomings, my good points and my faults. I accept myself completely as a human being. I accept that I am here to learn and grow, and I accept that I am learning and growing. I accept the personality I've developed, and I accept my power to heal and change. I accept myself without condition or reservation. I accept that the core of my being is goodness and that my essence is love, and I accept that ... Read more
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