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Strategic Planning for Business Owners Committed to Successful Growth

Strategic Planning Workshop for business owners from Tammy Rowland Coaching WSEM™ Leadership Academy Series.

Strategic Planning for Business

Strategic Planning for Business

Are you having difficulty agreeing on what strategy to follow or how to get it done?

Do you have a strategy but it is not getting implemented?

Are you ready to plan 2016 in a methodical and strategic way?

**Ready to save a fortune on consulting fees for an invasive strategic planning session?

If you said yes to any of the above, then apply now for this elite workshop.


Benefits for attending:

*Learn how to implement the three major and often overlooked – key areas of strategy: ‘the big picture’ strategic questions, priorities and execution.

*Use common language for discussing strategy, so strategy gets done more efficiently.

*The strategic planning methodology is a very practical and effective approach.

*Plan strategy with an objective outsider who moves things forward with efficiency.

*Discover ways to give your organization an edge in the market.

*Moves from big picture ideas to actually making things happen.

*This is a proven methodology, with no big binder sitting on the shelf collecting dust.

Registration closes midnight Tuesday January 26 for this event held January 29th from 9:00 a.m.-12:00, so  email or call now to apply.

**A fee of $25- is required for materials at time of registration.

To your success,
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