Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!


Are you finding it hard to get the first step of a project done?
Does it take forever to get to an activity that seems complicated
and likely to take too much of your precious time?
Does it look like each priority seems to have so many steps that you can’t get the first one done?
Is there a better way?

Simply – YES!

Simplifying a job means taking time to see why it seems complicated, difficult or IMPOSSIBLE to get done!

How do you take a job that you know must be done, yet you have put it off until it grows in several ways and now its just a weight on your shoulders!

Take those networking business cards for example. You want all the details recorded yet they are still in a file, bag or pile on the corner of your desk waiting for you to open the door causing this draft that sucks them taking a flight to land on the floor! Some of you who are still reading know EXACTLY the pile I mean!

There are several ways to simplify this job. The first is to plainly sub it out. Get a Virtual Assistant or bored teen to do it for $$$. It is worth the cost if you can do something with the information now that it is in a spreadsheet or Potential Client/Referral/Affiliate List. I bless my VA daily for taking care of this monotonous job.

This is not the only option to simplify this particular task. You can make it one of the first things you do before you start your day or just before you take a break. Randomly pick 5 cards off the top and start. That’s all, just start! I hate to say but it’s the not starting that is the biggest complicator here and with most of those tasks that sit waiting! Starting at the beginning of a system. You may do this every day, several times a day to chisel at the task and in no time you will feel good about it getting done! YAY YOU! This is the beginning of a SYSTEM.

I had 2 piles of current projects and different kinds of stuff on my desk since the late spring, to be honest. The contributing issue was extremely low energy…on the floor kind of energy that has you wanting a nap within a couple of hours of getting up. Could not for the life of me deal with each thing that came into the office. Even the new projects like the video series that is coming in a short while, became part of the piles. “Because I needed it all handy!” Ever hear yourself say those words? Either to someone else or to yourself as a lovely reason (excuse) for the dreaded task/mess.

Well, yesterday was a cleanup day. I had not planned it consciously but I knew it had to be done to be able to get to work on the important things I wanted to work on. I cleared the desk completely and put it on a chair.

There is a stack of brand new coil notebooks in there that needs a new storage home adding to the pile. Some of you may think it’s a small pile while others may think it’s big. IT WAS IN MY WAY so it complicated everything!

I was struggling to work even when my energy was good. Looking at my desk it was easy to close the door! Sorry, I did not take a picture to show you the before mess but I am sure you can imagine your own. It’s all relative. For me, it was demotivating and made everything that would move my business forward hard to do. Funny, today it was blog writing day and voila, easy to sit down and just type.  My desk was clear and so was my focus!

The mess complicated my business and every task seemed to need to start with the cleanup. The complication was telling myself that I had to deal with it. This meant find homes, file, purge, etc. It always sounded difficult, complicated, long, IMPOSSIBLE!

All I really needed was my desk cleared to work, so simplifying was simply moving the mess and containing it. This is not to say that I have dealt with the pile, but I have simplified everything else I need to do today. I can and will chisel at the pile over the next few days, but it is no longer a priority. I can readjust each further task on my Daily Productivity Planner and keep moving.

What I know is when I simplify what’s in front of me or blocking other priorities, I can accomplish anything. I can give my Assistant this Blog, write my emails, do my marketing, etc and I don’t have anything in my way. If I am the COMPLICATOR of my business I can also be the SIMPLIFIER!

Look to what may be holding you back from moving forward. Is there something that you can do that simplifies a part of your business so you can take care of your priorities? I bet there is, and I am sure that the pot of gold at the end of your rainbow will start with breathing easier and feeling much better about the way you are working and succeeding in your business.

Please let me know what may be the complication that is keeping you from SIMPLY getting things done, or what you are going to Simplify to make it easier in the comments below. I look forward to the conversation.


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