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My Travels

  Some of you know that I have been flying back and forth to California in October and November. I believe in education that both feeds me but also to build a body of knowledge that will support my clients in the best possible way.

The first event I went to was to educate myself on a money process that talks to Money Archetypes. This was an incredible 3 day event that helped me understand my money process and how I deal with it emotionally, physically and mentally. What an eye opener! I am certifying in this process to be able to bring this to you in the spring, so watch for it.

traveltammyI am a … frugal person. Some may call it cheap, but I come from poverty and “money didn’t grow on trees!” Mostly my mom raised 6 children on her own so there was nothing extra, just the basics. We ate 3 meals a day. Porridge for breakfast, mackerel sandwiches for lunch (don’t ask-blech) and a ton of pasta, ground beef and liver. !We definitely got our protein in even if we didn’t like the form it came in. There were no snacks between meals, no name brand shoes or jeans. Gratefully I did not know I was poor until I was a teen.

So when it comes to spending money, my mental calculator shows up and figures out WHAT and IF I “should” be spending.

I make most of my decisions intuitively. I don’t seem to have to spend much if any time thinking about it, unless money is involved…hmm. I had a hard time investing in my education and my business. I can and do invest easily in my physical health. All this to say, this is why I got right back on a plane and flew back to California 10 days after I arrived home from there.

The second event “4G Branding” was held by an amazing coach Ruth Klein, and for all of you who attended my Successful Women Summit several weeks ago, she was my first interview. This event continued my education around investing in myself. Learning that I am my brand and different ways to build that brand were key at this event.

The other reason to show up at these bigger events is to meet others who are outside of your normal circle of connections to build a bigger VISION of what is possible for you and your business. This happened in spades at these 2 events.

The first event had over 500 people at it. This showed me what was possible for me if I chose to continue down the path that I am on. There were many amazing women making multiple 6 figured incomes and 7 as well. Not everyone were, but enough to believe that ALL things are possible.

The second event with under 50 attendees, showed me that it didn’t matter the size of the group, the ratio was the same when it came to monetary success and that we all want to do what we are passionate about. We all want to make a difference and help others. There is no shame in earning a good, no GREAT income doing what we love!

So if you are ready to do the AUDACIOUS, play BIG and have the most Amazing Year Yet, then sign up for my workshop series with others who want to do the same! You deserve to rub elbows with those that believe that all things are possible and that investing in themselves is not only good, but imperative to growing their brand and earning a GREAT income to boot!

Do you have to leave home to learn and find out more about yourself? Maybe your house but maybe not your city. Learn from those who do get out of the close circle you may be living in to stretch your mind and your business. Traveling is an investment so be sure to remember what you are investing in – yourself and your brand.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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  1. Brenda Hewlko November 19, 2013 at 2:07 am

    Great article Tammy. Appreciate your honesty. Congratulations on investing in yourself! 2014 will hold many riches for you!

  2. Tammy Rowland March 3, 2014 at 10:25 am

    Thanks Brenda, spoken by a true business woman who understands the value in investing in oneself and business. May your 2014 be BRILLIANTLY Successful!

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