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It took me 50+ years to find my purpose…

Today I know what my purpose is and I can tell you that it took more than 50 years to find it. It is not apparent in all that I do, but I am getting closer daily. I believe God had guided me to be of service with what I have learned in my first 50 years. I expect to have another 50 as my mom’s mom lived to be 99! This purpose comes to me in the form of intuition. I believe they are somehow connected. In the past many have stomped on my dreams, put hurdles in my path, or were downright mean and unkind about what I believed were my goals. Some claimed that they were being helpfully ‘realistic’, yet others just wanted to hold me down. They couldn’t just let me move forward or be successful as they feared I’d move on. This is not to say that some of the roadblocks were not erected by me…NO WAY!

I have always believed that we are all the same. I read somewhere that “we are all peers among equals, no better or worse”. I have always spoken with respect to both the janitor as well as the CEO. We are all spirits on a human journey as it has been said countless times before .We are all connected. We ARE all the same! If this is so then it is imperative that I support you in your quest as you support me in mine.

You may not have the same thoughts on this but I respect you just the same and will treat you with love. I am NOT uber-religious, I am on a spiritual journey and believe that we are all magnificent beings and need to share our gifts freely with others. I don’t mean you cannot make a living, just be open to the world. This sharing of ourselves will aid others…even if we cannot see or do not know them, they are there. This is sounding like I am on a soap- box!

My primary purpose is to support passionate dreamers live their purpose.

The more we find and live our purpose, the more our world will thrive. Your neighbor may seem a jerk as he dumps his snow on your yard for the 43rd time this winter. Do you let it divert you from your purpose? Can you live and let live, knowing that he is just as upset about the damn snow as you are. Can you help? Maybe you don’t have another driveways worth of shoveling left in you. Is there another solution that leaves you both with a smile?

If I am living what I believe to be my purpose, I must not be sidetracked by other peoples stuff or by my own selfish petty needs. We are all looking out for our own best interests, mine are my principles and purpose and yours are…well, yours! This purpose allows me to be at peace every day and to work effectively and equitably in all my dealings in our world. Why can we not have and do both? There is a way to be true to you while being kind and respectful to others.

Do your principles need polishing or your purpose need propping, just jot me a line and I will be pleased to explain how I can be of service to you.

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