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Is “STUFF” keeping you out of your office?

New Thinking

I have worked hard to eliminate excess “stuff” from my space. I recently found some old 3×5 index cards from years ago where some had self-talk statements about organization. This will tell you that I was not always the DE-Clutter Queen that some of my clients call me and it can be learned!

I picked up a book called “What To Say When You Talk To Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter many years ago when I was in direct sales. I wanted to get better at everything that would help me be successful. I was sure that if I just got more organized, ALL would be good in my business. His book did help me greatly but there were many more issues than clutter in my life then. That’s another story altogether.

The physical STUFF that clutters your space keeps you from being productive, takes up space and can effect your emotional well being. It can overwhelm you with the feelings of ‘I have to’ ‘I should’ and ‘I can’t’ leaving us looking for more answers to even more questions.

Questions at the top of the list like;

  • What do I do with it all?

  • Where do I put it?

  • When will I have the time to take care of this?

Sometimes you have been dealing with it so long you get to the WHY questions.

  • Why do I have all this stuff?

  • Why do I need all this stuff?

  • Why does it mean so much to me?

  • Why can’t someone else take care of this?

How about the HOW questions like;

  • How can I take care of this?

  • How on earth did this happen AGAIN?

Can you see where the overwhelm can take even the sanest person over the edge!

There is also the clutter in our heads taking up valuable space that can be used for us to move forward in our business. There is the space that the physical stuff is taking because we spend so much time thinking about it.

The other things that take space and create a mess are;

  • The decisions

  • The choices we need to make daily

  • The lists of to-dos in our business as well as our lives

  • The ideas we would like to ponder, let stew to see if they grow

  • The ideas we want to implement but seem to have no time or space to do so!

With so much going on where on earth do you start?

I have so many ideas around this subject that I can write a book on it, but I will give you a tip or two to help you feel like you are taking a step in the right direction.

First a tip to help the mental Clutter. You do need to get the STUFF out of your head and onto paper, but you don’t want to ad to the piles in your physical world, right? It can be a brand new notebook, the cheap school notebook or a coil bound one that has nothing else in it. Write IDEAS/PROJECTS in thick marker on the front. Maybe the front of the book is strictly listing stuff that has been floating around your thoughts and you forgot about it then remembered, then forgot again. Of course if you are a techie, there is always the Notes App in your Smart tools that can keep it handy to add to. It doesn’t really matter how, let’s steal Nike’s slogan and “Just Do It!”

I remember Mary Kay Ash said, “The faintest ink is better than the best memory,” so writing it down takes the pressure off forgetting and gives you something to refer to. Maybe you need different pages for different ideas but at least you know where to look for it. My notebooks are GOLD to me. You can use the back for projects you want to work on but however you do it, you will find that once it’s on paper, you have let go of its hold on you and space starts to be created. You will find yourself more creative with that new space.

A tip to use for the physical clutter is to do 15 minute HOTSPOTS. I have mentioned this before but it really works as a starting point. If you have been doing this since I put the tip out then you see the benefit of doing this and you can take it one step further by focusing on one room at a time and putting that time into drawers, etc until each room is clutter free.

One of my clients mentioned that this has made a difference in how she feels.  Her recent affirmative statement “Not having Clutter helps me DO more!” is a real testament to just start!

There is so much more that can help and I will cover it in my local WSEM3™ Series, “A Step by Step Plan to Remove the Overwhelm and Clutter from your Business!” It starts on February 13, so please follow this link if you want more information on this amazing 3 week series and “Clear the Clutter” Conclusively!

You owe it to yourself to do whatever it takes to get back into your office so you can DO Your MAGIC!

With love and care,


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