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How discerning are you?

First off, I felt my quote was a lame post with no blog added. Not a bad quote just lazy on my part so decided to write something that the quote triggered in me, discernment.

How can we be more aware of this mismatch of standards ahead of time or deal with it when it happens? Being discerning is pretty important in business. We often do not have choices who work with or for. Deciding how important your sense of well being is may help your choices and either send you in the direction of a new position partner or associate or maybe have another person deal with them.

On the personal front there are people that we just have in our life…family, the one we were born in and maybe the one we have added to build the family we need away from home. Or our spouse children and maybe the ones they choose. Ultimately, we can have boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour but there can also be also detachment.

First let’s talk about boundaries. When my son yells at me, no matter how old he has gotten (30 years, OMG!) it is unacceptable no matter the content, I will ask for respect and a calmer tone. There is no reason to say anything no matter how strongly you feel about it, with a loud voice. If it persists- I say goodbye then hang up the phone or in the past leave the room.

The detachment I mean is to detach from peoples behaviour while still caring for the human. My mom has some “issues” of the mental health variety and our conversations over the years have been “difficult” to say the least. I have detached and not spoken to her for lumps of time in my way of protecting myself. Now (when I am in a good space- meaning stronger and healthier) I have been able to converse and just love her even though the stuff she says seems quite – unwell. I am getting better in discerning what is good for me and how to act versus react when people and relationships are difficult. How discerning are you?

These are only a couple of ideas. Please post some of yours!

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