Hit the Pause Button for Creativity and Productivity, REALLY!

I know I am not alone sitting on my back deck in the sunshine (under the umbrella) enjoying the summer. I hope you are not feeling guilty about it, I’m not. Guilt is very draining and not useful at all. It doesn’t make you work harder or better!

Frankly, it is important to take some time to just sit and let things brew or simmer. Maybe you have some projects to move along over the summer, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take some time to “change your mind”.

Changing my mind happens in many ways this time of year. It happens in the garden, while I deadhead and weed. It happens while I read a novel, just for the fun of it. Maybe even watch a movie in the middle of the day. I bet you have several activities that can do the trick for you, too!

Plotting and planning are important just as getting things filed away and writing your blogs on time (oops) is. But, if you don’t hit the snooze button, you can get stuck. There needs to be new information coming in to do things differently. Your energy can come from many different places.

Sleep late in the middle of the week and bring your coffee and a book to bed with you. Feel good about the stolen time just for you. Soak in the tub in the afternoon of a rainy day just because. I would have a book with me there too, of course. Maybe play tennis with a friend, walk the dog or go for a bike ride.

The next day you may feel energetic enough to get that important call done, do your budgets or create programs for clients. Who knows, you may come up with your next and brightest idea because you used a different part of your brain for a while!

The important thing here is to do nothing sometimes and feel fine about it. No guilt! No excuses. Don’t defend your choice of doing nothing, just do it – or don’t. I for one have been out having lunch with 9 wonderful business women who just wanted a girl lunch and it was a wonderful couple of hours. One is off on a boat with her hubby for the next couple of weeks and will still check into her social media and hold a Webinar while on her travels. Another friend is off to her family cottage with no WiFi until the spirit brings her back to work and will be working on her book while away. I know both will have plenty of downtimes while away. I intend on a trip to Cape Breton in Eastern Canada and will be doing more relaxing my brain while I check out the Cabot Trail on holidays.

Of course, if you take a short pause every day you will learn to enjoy the break. At least pause once a week for good mental health, I do. You can enjoy your life and build relationships with others but also with yourself. Just remember to get back to it.

What really matters is mindfully being present and enjoying what you do to the fullest.  It is okay to unplug and take care of your mind and body, as long as doing so is a guilt-free pleasure. Enjoy your summer, and please comment below how you intend to pause this summer.

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