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Have You Parked?

The Unknown Quote, “The Road to success is dotted with many tempting parking places” has definitely shown up in my reality.

I have been lured to park on many occasions. Sometimes I parked for just enough time to reenergize and other times it was a time for reflection. Only you know if this sounds like something you have experienced in your life.

Maybe you have seen it differently. It may have looked like procrastination or even busy-work, but you may have been parked, nonetheless. Parking Sign

The temptation of parking looks like fun or even relaxing, but maybe not quite what you expected. It may be absolutely necessary to stop at different times along the way, so relax and breathe. 

Procrastination and putting off doing something brave and uncomfortable has its place as well, just don’t turn the engine off while you sit there. Think of this as idling time. You don’t want to commit to just sitting there, but you also don’t want to waste gas. It’s just enough time to catch your breath and feed the mind with positive thoughts and encouragement then continue along the road. 

One of my favourite times to stop is in celebration. It may be the completion of something big, or to notice when there has been a positive shift in thought or action. These are terrific reasons to park and just enjoy the glow of the moment. 

Maybe a quick look at the map of your VISION is in order at this time. Check on your next goal then put it in Drive and start moving again.

Looking back at all the past parking may not be helpful. Each time there was a need of some sort. Decide to feel them when it happens and know that it is temporary, they always are. 

The temptation to park was likely averted many times and this is where you are right now, moving down the road. Breath and celebrate the knowing of where you are right now, as not everyone takes the time to recognize the benefits of parking. Remember, parking is a choice!

Please leave a comment on what parking has looked like to you.

Happy Driving! 

With Love and Respect, Tam

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