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Have you ever had “yeah, but-itis”?

I cannot tell you how many times people have said “yeah, but…” in response to something I said. I may have had an opinion, insight or idea they either never heard completely or couldn’t be bothered to listen. Like they were busily creating what they were going to say. Brushing me off completely while they created their case! I end up feeling like I don’t matter or that I must defend myself. It’s awful!

How do I know that this may have been what happened? Because I have done it, too! I was absolutely not listening to their ideas or arguments on a subject, because I was busily with creating my brilliantly important come-back. I hadn’t realized the affect it had on others until I felt it myself. We are so self-centered! Consciously I would not treat another person in this way, so I must become more conscious in how I am with others.

So how about it, do you think it is possible to actually listen without conclusions before another person has completed their comment, rant, tirade or thought? I for one am giving it the old college try…but you know my opinion on that word. Okay, restated. I am going to listen for any time “yeah, but” comes to mind and head it off at the pass (my lips!) and start listening. Maybe I will even ask a question or two for clarification instead. Will you join me?

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