Happy Everything, Everyone!

I am someone who enjoys the holidays! Friends have been cheerfully celebrating Hanukkah while others busily prepare for Christmas. There are many others who celebrate different traditions as well and not all of them right now, but we can all wish them love and happiness!

I love everything about this time of year. Well, almost everything. I love the pretty lights glowing as I drive through my neighborhood making everything sparkle! Baking special treats to gift my friends over the holiday season is a real treat for me. I am known to be a good baker, so my creations are always appreciated.

My traditional baking changed when my sons moved back to Manitoba. The things that they helped me with from their dad’s German heritage have all but disappeared unless they are around to help. My oldest still makes Marzipan from scratch, like I taught him although I never get to taste them. The Leibkuchen has a hot and stiff dough that my sons did the kneading so I now use the spice mix and put it into a different cookie when I occasionally make them.

Stollen, a German Christmas cake, is another recipe from my sons grandmother that I make every once and awhile just because I love it. It is a long process starting with pushing dry cottage cheese through a sieve then gets more complicated after that. There are so many ingredients and so many flavours added that you cannot quite define what is in it. This truly makes me smile.

I only purchase gifts for the wee ones in our life and a special something for my husband, of course. I understand my adult sons preference for cash which helps to renovate their home so I acquiesce. I always prefer the physical gift to a gift card or cash, but buying a front door would be a challenge to choose and ship two provinces away.

I watch the traditional Christmas movies and some of the less traditional ones as well. Most of them warm me from the insides like “Love Actually” where the different characters weave their stories of love together through to the end of the movie’s final scene at the airport. You watch people arriving to loving friends and relatives who are thrilled to lovingly greet them home.

“It’s a Wonderful Life” and “White Christmas” speak of helping others at the cost to your own monetary desires. “The Stones” speaks of family. The messy, loving, caring kind who want what’s best for each other, while wanting the mom to live forever. They can’t imagine what Christmas or life could possibly be like without her.

This time of year is when I miss my family most. This is the part I meant earlier when I said I love almost everything about this time of year. Things are what they are, everyone makes the best choices that are best for them, including myself. I send love to all of them. I love the ones who are distant in many ways, because I do. I love the ones who don’t understand why I cannot be around their behaviours for self-preservation and self-care. I love my sons the most because they are a part of me and they live far away.

I send love to all of my friends, near and far.

I send love to all of my clients, current, past and future.

I send love and all the best to everyone who cares enough to read this to the end AND to those of you who didn’t.

I believe that it is in loving others that we reconnect to who we are and who we can become.

No matter what you celebrate, wish others love! Wish them HAPPY EVERYTHING as I have! May your days be filled with love!

Love, Tam

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