Don’t Add Another Thing to Your To-Do List Until You Do This

I know your type.

You run all day, likely holding your breath, you rarely (or never) have time to enjoy a relaxed dinner with your family, and you wake up every morning dreading the day ahead.

Imagine if you could be in Bizarro World and you suddenly open your eyes feeling enthusiastic about your life, you browse a bookstore on a whim, and even have a quiet mind for most of the day.

Call me crazy but this is possible.

Ask yourself: What is really important to me?

Many people are pretty vague with their answers. Dig deep, the real answer will come if you give yourself time.

Jane wants:

  • Less mommy-guilt.
  • Time and energy for her husband and children.
  • Successful business without sacrificing her family.

John wants:

  • A happy wife.
  • Time for the gym.
  • More leisure time with his family.
  • Be a more present parent.
  • Ability to leave the office at the office.


Let’s take a look at Jane’s life.

Jane has a spouse, three children, and a thriving business. She attempts to stuff 20 hours of work into a 24-hour day and there is no time left for herself or her family.

Out of balance and feeling overwhelmed, she desperately wanted to figure out how to get more done and where to put the time she had. Reality was, she needed to restructure her schedule.

Jane felt everything was a priority and that she couldn’t keep up with her own expectations, never mind the ones her children had of her.

So tell me, are you like Jane?

Are you a perfectionist?

Are you trying to do it all?

Are you over-extended?

Do you feel guilty when you can’t do it all?

Do you lay in bed secretly promising “things will be different tomorrow?”

Do you break those promises?

In the From Chaos to Freedom Workshop™ we transformed Jane’s perspective.

“It’s a expletive magic trick!” Jane proclaimed.

Grab a pen and paper and create three columns labeled:

Your self & Spirituality               Family                      Career

Now look at your schedule and take EVERY activity you do every week/month and put it into those columns.

Your Self & Spirituality column is what feeds you and your spirit. Going to the gym, enjoying a book, going to church, 20 minutes of daily meditation. These are the activities that fill your cup.

Family: Your daughter’s soccer practice, homework time, date night (you officially have permission to book at least one date with your partner a month – trust me, it does a relationship good), playtime with the kids.

Career: Work hours, networking, projects, administrative work, travel to and from. Beside each of these, is there anything you can delegate to someone else? For example, hiring someone to enter your receipts into a spreadsheet, print and mail your holiday cards, etc. Sometimes someone in our family (teen or young adult) can help while learning valuable life lessons too.

Based on your list, does it look like you’re in or out of balance? Let’s check. And remember, be reaslitic when doing this exercise and give ample time:

  1. Beside each activity put down how much time it takes or how much time you want to give it (include travel time, time to get ready, etc.).
  2. Assign priorities to each on a scale of 1 to 5 (1 being “it can wait” and 5 being “needs to get done”)
  3. Determine what you’re willing to eliminate or change.
  4. Reassess and readjust (put this on your calendar as a weekly task to get clearer on your schedule and how it mirrors your values.)

You enjoy your life when your priorities are aligned with your values.

The workshop changed her paradigm of thinking and allowed her to make better choices and freed her from the demands of her schedule. Today she feels in control of how she chooses to spend her time, has all-but-eliminated mommy-guilt (no one will ever find a cure for that), and she falls asleep promise-free.

Do you like yourself enough to live like Jane?

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