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Decision Making Strategy

You have tons of decisions that you are making or avoiding daily. There also may be some you are just letting happen by default because you decide to not make them yourself. In all the cases the decisions you make impact your next decision or choice. There sometimes seems to be a building momentum behind them as well.

If you decide you want more clients then you have to decide who they are going to be. Then you need to decide how you will contact them and what you will offer them. Can you see what I mean? Also if you want to build your skills then there may be new learning to receive. What skill, who will train you, how much will you invest, etc. There seems to be a never ending thread of decisions as an entrepreneur or business owner. Decisions are easy for me until they are not. If money is involved, they can become more difficult and take time to process. If my self-care has anything to do with the decision, the answers are typically easy.How to choose how to choose elevator

Some decisions seem simple but when you are overwhelmed, even what to have for lunch can throw you over the edge. There are ways to streamline everything including decision-making. Today I thought that a few questions to ask yourself through the decision if your “higher intuitive self” doesn’t sort it out quickly and easily. Feel free to share the questions with others but also help others make decisions by asking them these questions in a way that makes sense.

Is this something that I have interest in?

Would this help me in some way?

If “YES” then how can I do this?

Am I trying to make a new decision from where I am or have been versus where I want to be? (Your Old or NEW Paradigm?)

If the answer is YES I want the new Paradigm then make the next decisions based on that new Paradigm also!

Do I have certainty in the wrong thing?

If you are certain you will fail at what you want to do then your certainty is in the wrong thing. If you have certainty+ then you are open to change.

Be honest with yourself.

Do I want to be different than I am right now? Maybe you don’t yet, or maybe you are in a place of fear instead of faith. They cannot both reside in the same space at the same time, so choose. Fear or faith? Old paradigm or new? Certainty or Certainty+? I don’t know about you but even when I feel afraid, I know that I want faith so I am willing to move away from fear and see what happens. You can, too! Feel the fear and do it anyway. See what happens when you make a different choice! Miracles happen when we step outside that comfort zone of certainty and add just a little bit of something different.

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