Coaching Survey

12 Questions to ask Yourself

Is my business growing the way I want? Or do I feel out of control?

Could I use new systems to support the growth I have recently experienced?

Could I use better structure, systems and strategies to be more productive?

Are there areas of my business I could expand?

Are there areas of my business I could contract out?

Do I feel like I want to grow my business but I am already stretched to the max?

Could I use someone who would support REAL change in my Business?

Am I wasting time on unimportant things?

Could my mind and office use some de-cluttering?

Do I asking myself “Where has the fun gone from my business and life”?

Deep down, do I know I need some help?

Are my loved ones living life without me?

If you noticed that the answers left room for improvement then congratulations, you may be ready to partner with a Business Advisor and Executive Coach.

Consider this. It would cost you much more to hire a receptionist to answer your phones for a year than it will cost you to hire a coach. Given the fact that several industry studies have demonstrated a ROI (return on investment) of 4 to 10 times, enlisting the help of a business coach could very well be the most lucrative investment you ever make!