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I will get to it later…REALLY! Procrastination or laziness, which is it?

Have you ever put something off until later, and later never came? Maybe you rationalized that it really could be done later, and then later becomes last minute. Does procrastination seem like a destination? A place you go when you don’t want to get something else done? Have you turned procrastination into a science or event? Each time you schedule in that “JOB” something “MORE IMPORTANT” must be done first. When you put that “task” off do you feel justified somehow? When you look back at the “deed” ... Read more

Have you |communicated| your |expectation| to your |employees?

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching] What do you do when your employee acts like the office is their personal domain? I know that this may sound very familiar to some of you.  I will describe the situation that lead up to this coaching event. Employer #2 John, (not his real name, of course and as there are 2, someone has to be) has walked into the office mid morning after being out of the office for a meeting. The receptionist, we will call Sue, is chatting with ... Read more

Today is the last day…

Today March 31st is the last day you can register for the LOW Introductory price of $199! As of April 1st $249- for Elite Group Coaching for Professionals First of 4 sessions held ever second Thursday starts April 14th, 2011 from 1-3 p.m. Issues you asked for support around; Clarify your vision Communicate your needs Make decisions easier Time management Your life/work balance Getting things done with less time and energy I am excited to create this Elite Group for YOU with tools that will increase your skills while mastering your psychology. No more ... Read more

If you are not STUCK – Don’t read this!

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] TAMMY ROWLAND COACHING NEW Group Program Launch for Montreal; ENTREPRENEURS, BUSINESS OWNERS AND PROFESSIONALS Do you wonder where the time goes? Have you misplaced your work & personal life balance? Are making quality decisions troublesome? This Elite group will support YOU starting April 14, 2011! “I have been able to clarify what is important to me and make decisions…”Anne B. Register early to receive your $50- discount! Are  ... Read more

Where are you stuck?

I am developing a group coaching workshop for business people and would value your input. It is not necessary that you would actually participate in the sessions as they will be held the first time in Montreal, Canada. Once developed I will be setting them up in a web based or teleconferencing format so all may have the opportunity to participate. You may be; an entrepreneur, a solo-preneur (you know who you are), an at home business person or maybe work on your own as a sales ... Read more

Group Coaching Montreal Launch

After my New Year’s blog on change, I am following up by launching a NEW Group Coaching event here in Montreal starting February 21, 2011. I am only offering this to 8 women as it is such an intimate yet powerful group. You will not want to miss this opportunity so register quickly! Please go to  Upcoming Events to see all the information as well as testimonials from a few attendees from a previous group. Consistently they mentioned words like safe and fun ... Read more

Time for a change? Stuck? The time is NOW for a New You!

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]The time is NOW for a NEW YOU!   Is it time for a change? Are you stuck? Do you know which way to go next? Are you at a crossroads in your life as a woman of a certain age? I am launching a NEW Group Coaching Event open to the first 8 women ready for a change. Starting February 21, 2011! I am sure some of you are asking what Coaching is. The short answer of what it is and is not… Coaching is a supported ... Read more


[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]Happy New Year! What do you want to do with 2011? Have you made room in it for some positive change - a gift to yourself? Invest some time to discover your passion with the thought-provoking questions below. Feel free to share them with your friends and family as I have. Your friendship and support has meant a great deal to me this year and for that I thank you from the bottom of a very grateful heart. May 2011 be full of Peace, Love ... Read more


[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false] Image via WikipediaI have worked on living in FAITH for some years, but  now and again the ugly face of FEAR shows itself. I have had this project for my business that has been looming for the past 3 weeks that I have let simmer on the back burner. Simmering is not always a bad thing. While it sits there, I think about it while I read a book watch one of my favourite shows I have recorded or ... Read more

Evesdropping| More| Honesty| Really!

[tweetmeme source=trcoaching only_single=false]Eve has been struggling with her weight for years so it makes perfect sense that actually getting to the bottom if it all takes more than one week! Last week her defensiveness with the weigh in staff member came from her feelings about all this change. A way to stand up for herself, I suppose. It was not so surprising that the following week there was no criticism for what was in her food journal even though it wasn’t ... Read more
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