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How About a New Year’s Evolution?

Resolutions suck! We all have set tons of them, depending on how old you are maybe several tons of them. I gave them up many years ago. I started asking myself: How was the year before? Was I happier, healthier, having more fun than the year before? Was I more successful? I have heard having a theme for the year and I could not tell you if I planned it but my theme was absolutely learning and growing! I was evolving ... Read more

You can be driven AND flexible!

I have this amazing Business and Marketing coach, Ruth Klein. We work on Big goals and building my business in a wonderfully strategic way that works well for me. We were making some schedule changes a couple of weeks ago for future appointments and one week was going to need to be changed. We did make a date, but somewhere in our efforts we had booked two completely different times and days. So the first day I thought we had an appointment ... Read more

Where are you and where do you want to go?

They seem like easy questions but many have a real problem with both. Where you are can be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual but I am talking about your business at this moment. I know that some of you are incredibly successful so this message may not be for you, but you may know someone who may just NEED to open up their ears and hear some of this. This is the place to be brutally honest with yourself, which is what ... Read more

My Travels

  Some of you know that I have been flying back and forth to California in October and November. I believe in education that both feeds me but also to build a body of knowledge that will support my clients in the best possible way. The first event I went to was to educate myself on a money process that talks to Money Archetypes. This was an incredible 3 day event that helped me understand my money process and how I deal ... Read more

Time..how is it treating you?

Does time get away from you? Is there enough time in your day…Your Life? To do the things you really want to do? Is your time filled with other peoples priorities? Is there just too much to do in the 24 hours of your day? Is it all you can do to not pull the blankets over your head because your day is already overwhelming and you have not even put your feet on the floor yet? I used to feel this ... Read more

10 Daily “Energizing” Habits #2

Hurray, for me! I recently kicked off “10 daily “energizing” habits and I for one did it! Well, I did the first one with some measure of success, which was what the plan was, after all. I was a bit inconsistent at the beginning, but it is something worth doing. I started out trying to be peaceful and quiet within my mind in the quiet of my home. (which is quiet until I want to meditate...lol) Then I went back to what ... Read more

A B C`s of Success

Last week we talked about the definition of success. Now we need to build on how we will get there. Below is a list to get you clear around having the success you may think is beyond your reach. Take the time to pull out a pen and paper and follow along to build your support structure to get there. A = Awareness To have a favorable outcome to what it’s you want to achieve, what are you are of? i.e. I am aware ... Read more

Any regrets?

"Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience." - Victoria Holt. I have had tons of experience. Have a terrific week full of amazing experiences. Tam Read more

How Do YOU Define Success?

For some of you this may be simple or easy. For others maybe not so. For me, it was different at various points of my life. Early on, I used to define it by how much money I earned or how many people liked me. Today it is by how much I help others and how happy, healthy and peaceful I am along with my levels of wealth. Money is important to pay the bills and do the stuff I want to do ... Read more

Today`s 2 Minute Tune-up with Tammy

Dealing with the overwhelm! I am sure you know what I am talking about! Too many things to do, and seemingly too little time. This is the stuff that causes procrastination. Where do you start? Run and hide with busywork? NO! Breathe first! Long, slow, deep belly breaths in and slowly blow out. Several times, then let's start. Make a list of the top 10 things you want/need to accomplish this week. Keep breathing. Now pick 2 to commit to accomplishing today. Be sure to choose 2 that will make ... Read more
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