Being Productive Feels Great, don’t you think!

Have you ever had a quiet period that felt like a full stop? It may have brought on by holidays, illness or even fear? Then something happened that inspired you and a decision was made to just get moving. Do you remember how that felt?

I have had a (l-o-n-g)  period of quiet this past while due to a health issue, nothing serious but slowed me down to a near stop. My extreme low energy shifted, I made some new decisions and got back to a more consistent pace of work. WOW, it feels great!

Endorphins at work I suspect. No, I did not take up jogging or hop back on a bicycle (not in this lifetime), I just made a decision every day to take projects, like my recent video series, a step closer to completion. In short, I used the tools and strategies I have added to the free video series so I am an example of how well it works.

Why we stop doesn’t matter, its getting started that seems to take so much more energy to get momentum going. Some stops are important to take, especially taking care of yourself and enjoying life. This is important to have the time, energy and mental space to do all the necessary tasks in every area of your life, including your business!

Holidays are necessary for your physical and mental well being. Spending time with family and friends is fun and recharges your batteries. If you neglect to add some space in your calendar, you may be forced into that full stop. There is something in that statement for many of us.

Watch your inbox for more information and your chance to sign up for the FREE video series. The series will help you get started, keep moving and do it all in the best and most productive way. I look forward to helping you Feel Great while being Productive!

Warmly, Tam

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