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Are You Ready to Move Forward?

profitsDo you know where you are right now in your business? We are being completely honest here so what I mean is, are you making money. Have you ever been in the black? What is really going on IN your business? Maybe it’s ok but not the GREAT you had hoped for.

These can be really tough questions if someone other than you is asking. No need to be defensive, just honestly tell yourself what is really happening right now. It’s okay if it’s worse than you hoped or planned for. How on earth are you going to take a step forward if you are not sure where you are standing!

Okay, so you may be in the red right now but there is always hope. I want you to take some time to remember why you decided to start this company and work for yourself. My guess is you had a dream or a vision of what life could look like WHEN everything fell neatly into place, right?

It hasn’t quite worked out that way for 50-75% of Entrepreneurs according to all sorts of statistics depending on who you are reading. I am sure you always wanted to be in the percentage that makes it, and BIG! It can happen if you start again. Not at the beginning but at the end!

Now I know I have got your attention!

It’s about taking the time to see in your minds eye, exactly what you dreamed of for your business and for your life. What do your clients look like and what need of theirs are you filling? How many clients are you serving every day, week, month, year? How happy are they to refer you to others?

Where are you living, what are you driving, what do you do in your free time as you have tons of it. Maybe you travel! Where do you dream of visiting? What experiences do you want your family to have?

Are you getting excited right now? Do you have a smile on your face or are you giving up? Don’t do that! Get some help!!! There may be a fellow entrepreneur who also needs some support. Know who is a safe place to share what’s really going on.

If you need constructive support, hire yourself a business or personal coach who can help you get it together and sort things out for the last time. Everyday you can be excited to start the day doing enough of what you do that you never have to worry and you will inspire others. How would that feel?

If you haven’t done it already, and are ready to accomplish more than you ever believed, then sign up for my Free Report “The Best ME Begins with the End” at http://www.tammyrowlandcoaching.com/TammyRowland/Home/index.cfm

If you already have, then maybe its time to pull it out and start working through it to re-inspire yourself to move forward confidently with the knowledge that “You can do it!” I know you are ready to move forward today!

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