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A B C`s of Success

abcLast week we talked about the definition of success. Now we need to build on how we will get there. Below is a list to get you clear around having the success you may think is beyond your reach. Take the time to pull out a pen and paper and follow along to build your support structure to get there.

A = Awareness
To have a favorable outcome to what it’s you want to achieve, what are you are of?
i.e. I am aware that for me to help as many people as I believe that is my purpose there are things that I need to know, do, learn, apply, etc.

B = Beginning
If you don’t know where you are how are you to know what you need to do next?
i.e. I know that in order to help many people build their business, I need to know that I have already helped some with specific parts of their business growth. I have been creating something to help more people without stretching my time out of proportion to what I have available is just not feasible or possible or what I choose.

Z = Zenith

How will you know you have arrived at your Zenith?
What are the markers that tell you that you are “there”?
i.e. I know that I will have a certain number of clients who are using the products and tell me that it has made a huge improvement on how they work, their productivity and their income.

C = Commitment
What are you committed to doing to achieving what you want?
i.e. I am committed to collecting every resource possible to be able to help lots of people make more money by working in their business smarter.

D-X External Tools
What resources do you need to accomplish this achievement?
Make a list and do the research to find out what they are. This will be so different from person to person. It maybe your computer, accountant, marketing guys, etc

Y = Internal Anchors
When things get difficult, what internal anchors/inspiration will I have? Make sure you have a list of these as some may be more helpful in one situation more than another.
i.e. I always have a support team. Don’t go it alone, know what people are always the ones who lift you up when things are a bit…off. Positive things to read. Fan mail!

Hopefully this makes Success more possible for you. K
now that the women in our REAL Successful Business Women Summit have all been on this path and have likely moved along it many times in their careers. I look forward to knowing you will be on the calls with us. Have a successful day!

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