15 Secrets to Having the Life You Want

Living the dream, they say. Who are “they”anyway?

You can have the life you want, but the trick is knowing what that is?

Here are a few things to consider looking at, pondering or getting through or done to accomplish living your dream life.

Anything is possible!

1. Come to know how perfect your life is today.

2. Shift your life around your gifts.

3. Choose your integrity first, your needs second, and your wants third.

4. Before you create a future, resolve the past and perfect the present.

5. Set your goals based on your values, not on could’s, woulds, or shoulds.

6. Stop trying to change your behavior; instead, start shifting and evolving.

7. Triple your personal boundaries until your heart and spirit have the room they need.

8. Stop hanging around people who have less to lose than you do.

9. Solve your problems, even if you didn’t cause them.

10. Build a community of people who bring out your best without trying to.

11. Develop your spirituality in a way that feels right to you.

12. Have more than enough love in your life.

13. Let your vision set your goals and guide your life.??

14. Get comfortable with change and chaos.

15. Get support, Get a coach!

*Partial list courtesy of CoachU

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